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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  April 5, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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ticket. maybe that would have been a little more exciting. what we do know is that the winner had a single quick pick ticket bought on liberty road and has not come forward. >> reporter: as cameras from around the world roll, the director of the maryland lottery said he has no idea who won the jackpot here. >> to be clear, no one has approached the maryland lottery to claim this ticket. we have not heard from anyone claiming that they have the ticket. >> reporter: he also wouldn't comment on the story of lerlin wilson, the single mom who lives in estport, who claims she was the big winner. >> congratulations. >> reporter: the lottery does have surveillance video from inside the store in milford mill, where the ticket was sold. but it doesn't prove anything. >> we do not believe the time stamp on the surveillance tape matches up with the time stamp on the lottery computer system. >> reporter: the store gets $100,000. and the state gets $13.4 million. it goes into the general fund and lawmakers can spend it any
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way they want. >> three tickets marched the winners. no one has in forward to claim those prizes either. many times, people wait, weeks even. >> i am not surprised that we're -- what? are we seven days out from the drawing. really the only four business days that we haven't heard from anyone yet. one thing there hasn't been in this is a shortage of rumors about who may or may not have won on the ticket. we are anxious and wait for them to come forward. but until that time, the ticket has not been claimed. >> reporter: so we wait. there was a story circulating around yesterday that a man from glen burnie had won the jackpot. that turned out to be fake. reporting live at maryland lottery headquarters. mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. >> also want to point out that bob turk and kai jackson aren't here this week. so we never know. >> it's not me. i know that much. >> thanks a lot, mike.
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the odds of winning the mega millions jackpot are one in 175 million. sky eye chopper 13 is over the scene of a snarling accident. captain mike perry has more. >> wicked, nasty crash. it's going to be on the harbor tunnel throughway. this is called the ridgy highway spur. this comes off of the beltway and comes up and joins 895. we have at least five, maybe six vehicles involved. you're seeing a dump truck. and a van and an suv, all tied up here in the center of the railway. and as this pulls out, there's another sport utility vehicle in the median. several other cars a little farther down the left-hand side. now, medical units have not had an opportunity to get on scene at the moment. there is still one person. we know possibly trapped inside the white sport utility vehicle. several other people have been extricated from vehicles on the scene here. the northbound spur here, this is coming from 695 to the
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harbor tunnel throughway, is closed, just south of bel grove road, as anne arundel county police, maryland state police, transportation transportation authority police, and rescue units are still responding to the scene. the traffic backup is significant. you do not want to use the harbor tunnel throughway, coming off 695. the best way would be to try to get yourself up on i-95. back to you on television hill. >> thank you, captain mike perry. in sky eye chopper 13. updating breaking news. a shooting investigation in anne arundel county. mary is in the newsroom. >> a number of detectives are on the scene right now. the person is shot inside the house here in the 1500 block of furnace avenue in glen burnie. as you can see, police cordoned off the house as they were combing the area for clues. no word yet on the identity of the victim. denise? >> thank you very much, mary. wjz, as you see, is following the investigation. we'll bring you more information as we get it.
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and more breaking news to update you on. a child struck in northwest baltimore. police closed up the street in northwest mortimmer and ruben streets. the victim is believed to be between the ages of 7 and 10. the injuries are said to be serious. police said the driver did stay at the scene. more dramatic developments in the retrial of baltimore brothers accused of setting a dog on fire. prosecutors are facing numerous obstacles on the witness stand. weijia jiang has the latest from the courtroom. weijia? >> reporter: no dna or forensic evidence in this case. that testimony is critical. now, prosecutors are focusing on what may be the star witness in this case. police cameras. >> reporter: prosecutors are relying heavily our is vaifal-- surveillance video that shows two men leading to a pit bull. the dog, nicknamed phoenix, was eventually set on fire there. burned so badly, she had to be
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euthanized. thursday, a baltimore city police sergeant, a man identified on the tape as 20- year-old twins, travers and tremain johnson. both are on trial and face animal cruelty charges. the sergeant testified that sneakers, backpack and jeans one recovered from the scene matched what he saw in the video. he also talked about a photo investigation. and said i saw this individual running from where the dog was burnt to death. earlier this week, the judge held that woman,ive 25 -- woman, 25-year-old tiera goodman in contempt for refusing to testify. her refusal to talk shocked prosecutors. she was a star witness in the first case. in february 2011, it ended with a hung jury. a single holdout could not convict the johnsons. >> reporter: and the retrial is
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expected to wrap up today, but we are far from that. prosecutors have why to finish their case. the judge has asked both sides to pick up the pace. weijia jiang, wjz eyewitness news. >> and we have been told that the trial is expected to last at least for another week. >> the maryland house and senate remain at odds over an income tax hike. and as political reporter pat warren rptdzs -- reports, this is so far stock. >> no budging on the budget. >> we need to find common ground on cuts and revenues. and that's eluding us at the present time. >> reporter: the two chambers differ on how fast they absorb the share. which most likely won't be resolved. >> we haven't gotten there yet. >> reporter: the senate sets the income base at $3,000 and raises more than $$475 million. the house targets incomes of
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more than $100,000 and raises $92 million. >> right now, we're bringing a mediator, the governor in, with trying to assist us with solving two plans that he really is not enamored of. >> governor o'malley wanted to select state real estate taxes. but they opted to raise the income tax instead. >> they need to split this, find some compromise. find some accommodation. >> the general assembly is back tomorrow and then most likely again saturday. and there is speculation that if an agreement isn't reached by saturday, the session may have to be extended. i'm pat warren, reporting from annapolis, back to you on tv hill. >> and the 2012 session is scheduled to end monday. another delightful spring evening. it's been a nice start to april so far. any major changes coming? meteorologist tim williams with
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the updated numbers from first warning weather. the one change we can be focused on at this time is that we don't have snow, ice or freezing winds in time for opening day. and that's different than anyone that we can think of in recent memory. we've had pretty cold ones. although last year, i think we got up to 75 degrees. 58 now, our temperature at bwi marshall. 50 in ocean city. 50 in oakland. we have cold winds coming in. courtesy of a high-pressure system in canada that is starting to push in very dry, but seasonably cold winds. north winds are going to persist. from 3:00 a.m. to 9:00 tomorrow mong -- morning, across the northern tier of the state. there is a freeze warning in effect. sun comes up nicely. we'll lose that freeze warning. but tender plants. any early vegetation you have outside could definitely suffer as a result of those cold temperatures. for tomorrow, mostly sunny and breezy. if you're going down to the ballpark. first pitch, of course, is at 3:05.
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our coverage begins at 2:00. but 60 degrees in time for the game. it's going to be a nice day. blue sky. even warmer if you happen to be on the sunny side of the stadium. we'll have your complete forecast coming up. >> couldn't be happier. near perfect weather for opening day. pretty excite being. as orioles get ready to welcome back the minnesota minnesota twins. and jessica kartalija introduces us to the orioles new announcer. but first up, sports director mark viviano has more on the workout. >> reporter: a lot. celebrating this year about the 20th anniversary of this beautiful ballpark. and it is great history. but for the guys in uniform who will take to the field tomorrow for the first game, the focus is forward. it's about what is new. a a new year that brings in some new players. and some renewed optimism. >> reporter: a camden yards workout on the each of -- eve of opening day, getting ready for the first day that counts, knowing the place will be
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packed with orioles fans. >> it is always a special day. it is to the fans, too. families that have made it a tradition for years. and you know, you always want to win games. you always feel -- you know, seems like every time you come out, and there's a big crowd in everything. you really want to play well and want them to come back and enjoy their experience. >> reporter: the o's start a new year, trying to end a streak of 14 straight losing seasons. knowing their fans' patience has been tested. >> loyal fans aren't the happiest right now. >> as they should. they should be angry. and if we win, this place would be one of the best cities in all of baseball to play baseball in. you know me and my stand. i want to win. why not win here? >> it's a huge baseball town. and there's tons of tradition and history with baltimore. but the biggest thing is, it's 20 years. doesn't seem like camdeppen yard -- camden yards has been around for 20 years. it's something where we want to get the orioles on the right
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track of winning baseball. so the orioles i spoke with today are certainly optimistic and looking forward to breaking that long losing streak. but the experts are saying in their analysis and prognostication, it will be another last-placed year for the o's. i asked nick markakis about that. we'll get his response coming up in sports. >> and complete coverage continues now with jessica kartalija, with more on the man you'll hear over the public address system at the ballpark this year. jessica? >> reporter: well, vic, he's a little younger than you may expect. and he tells me, he has big shoes to fill. but he says he is definitely ready for tomorrow's major league debut. >> reporter: ladies and gentlemen, and boys and girls. and welcome to oriole park at camden yards. >> reporter: this is the audition reel that earned ryan wagner the job of a lifetime. >> or have any questions. thank you. >> reporter: the 26-year-old says the new gig is a dream come true. >> i'm well aware of the history of the game and of the
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men that have come before me in jobs like this. men and women, i should say. and i am just excited to become part of that. >> reporter: wagner was one of 670 applicants. >> good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. >> reporter: vying for a position dave mcgowan has held for 14 years. >> i'm going to enjoy kind of the blend of being a younger guy and being able to tune in with fans on facebook and twitter. but also providing the classic voice this game demands. i think i'll be able to do that job. >> reporter: this celebrates two decades in baltimore city. the ballpark undergoing renovation. >> with anything great like this, you need to update it. you need to make sure it's still fresh. and everything they're doing is really amazing. and it doesn't lose any of the charm of this ballpark. and it still has a classic feel. but there will be updates that i think the fans will really love. >> reporter: and ryan tells me that his family and friends will be here on opening day to listen to him. and of course, we will all be listening to him, wishing him
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well, and cheering him on. he's a great guy. guys, back to you. >> okay, jess beinga -- jessica, thank you. don't forget, wjz will have special coverage for you tomorrow. our coverage begins at 2:00, on wjz 13. well, still to come tonight on wjz eyewitness news. fed up at the pump. the price of gas hits a dubious mark here in maryland. midair meltdown. a judge makes a ruling in the case of a jet blue pilot. with each push of the pedal, this 12-year-old maryland boy gets closer to finding a cure for diabetes, a disease he's been living with for four years. >> i'm mary bubala. hear evans' inspiring story coming up. and we'll hear of a multivehicle crash in anne arundel county. complete coverage continues with denise koch, vic carter and first warning weather with bob turk and meteorologist tim
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updating the breaking news in anne arundel county. a murks -- multivehicle crash. this is a very bad crash. mike? >> reporter: yeah, fortunately, looks like no serious injuries. now, several people, at least four or five that we've seen, vic, are being transported to local area hospitals. this occurs on the northbound harbor tunnel throughway. this is known as the richie spur. the one that comes off the 695 and northbound i-97. and then joins the harbor tunnel throughway. looks like at least six vehicles here. couple of sport uat this point vehicles. a dump truck. several more sports utilities, knocked into the median. it's not clear what exactly
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caused this accident. but as you can see, it is quite a mess. northbound 895, the spur, known as the richie spur, is closed just south of bel grove road. maryland state police and maryland transportation police are detouring traffic onto the baltimore beltway and getting traffic to go over to i-95. the spur has now been cleared of traffic. there was about a 15- to 20- minute wait. trarchg, as you can see, everything has been closed here. they're continuing their investigation. it will be sometime before this is cleaned up. so expect this to go late into the evening drive time. >> thank you very much. captain mike perry, live in sky eye sky eye chopper 13. every mile has meaning. that is the thought behind a movement to cure diabetes. mary joins us now with details. >> well, mary, it is called tour de cure. and hundreds of marylanders are gearing up to make a difference. >> reporter: 12-year-old evan johnson in ellicott city is in
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full conditioning mode. in a week, he'll bike 12 miles for the tour de cure. and for him, it's personal. evan has type 1 diabetes. >> it stinks. it's difficult, challenging. sometimes you just want to forget about it and just be a kid. but you can't. >> reporter: race pace bike shop in federal hill is helping tour de cure gear up for the bikers by offering 14ing rides, free safety checks and day of support. >> we'll be there to change a flat tire if someone gets a flat. or if someone pops a chain off, we'll be right there to put the chain back on. >> reporter: even though evan is 22 miles, you shouldn't be intimidated. the tour de cure has a route for every ability. >> reporter: routes include 10, 22, 32, and 63 miles. >> it's a beautiful setting out in howard county. and it's just a family fun day. bring your kids. husband, wife, whoever it may
6:19 pm
be. all your friends. >> reporter: and remember, said tour de cure's modo, every mile has meaning. >> it's helping raise money for people like me. to help find a cure for diabetes and to support other people with diabetes. >> reporter: evan and his many supporters helped raise more than 23,000 dollars for the american diabetes association last year. they hope to top that at this year's tour de cure may 5th. denise? >> that's terrific. thank you, mary. if you would like to ride or donate, log onto and you'll find a link to sign up. so much for peanuts and cracker jack. say hello to peanuts and fish tacos. jessica kartalija with a taste of what is in store. >> that's for sure. if you ask me, the concessions are the best part of the game. and this year is expected to be even better than ever. >> this might be the best seat in the house. >> it's pretty amazing. >> reporter: top off this
6:20 pm
spectacular view with a snack and you have a ball game. >> kind of more relaxed. and you get to hang out after the game with a view. it's definitely a great idea. >> reporter: a new picnic idea with orioles hall-of-famers, a great place to taste it all. and the chef behind the concessions has been hard at work. >> it's been fun. it's been great. but when you're coming up with new concepts, takes time, a lot of training, a lot of development. a lot of taste testing. a lot of people involved. it's been a very busy off season. >> it's a whole lot more than just peanuts and cracker jacks. >> we have jenos, and stuggies and dempseys. those rtsdz big three. those are what is new at the yard. >> reporter: this is named after 1983 world series mvp, rick dempsey. >> things from fish tacos to fish and chips. you've never seen it prepared as well as it has been here. and it's just a magnificent menu for everybody. >> reporter: on opening day, fans will eat some 53,000 hot dogs.
6:21 pm
drink 52,000 sodas. and buy 15,000 soft pretzels. and chefs can't wait for you to try it all. >> it's opening day. it's like the best day of the year. fresh season, fresh start. fresh concepts. so i can't wait. i can't wait. it's a great day. >> reporter: and we can't wait either. all i have to say, guys, is come hungry, and you will not be disappointed. >> that's a dangerous thing to say to this news team, quite honestly, come hungry. >> i know. we will. >> come hungry, and come with your wallet full, too. >> that's right. trying to figure out how much it would cost for a family to eat down there. we'll see. >> but you will get full. there is a lot of food. that's for sure. and a great day. sunshine will help stimulate your appetite. >> well, you don't need sunshine to stimulate my appetite. >> it's going to be a great day tomorrow. really is going to be. maybe a little chilly at times because was breeze.
6:22 pm
but it is going to be a gorgeous day. blue skies. sunshine. temperatures just around 60 degrees. we're at 58 now. just dew point this day. that's what we have tomorrow on tap. did we say on tap? on tap. okay. >> we'll have your first warning weather forecast coming up in a few moments. ,,,,,, @
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taking a look at live doppler radar. how it will shape up tomorrow.
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courtesy of high pressure. hardly a cloud anywhere to be found. here. but down to our south. moving from from texas, all the way across nashville and the carolinas. those are storms that have triggered some very masty weather. tornadic activity over the last few days. very strong thunderstorms even today. for today, our forecast has been reflecting a high pressure system that's to our north. keeping very dry, cool air to the north. it's pushed all of that down to our south. it has stayed to our south. and that is going to be the order of the day for tomorrow. high pressure stays in control in all of these storms stay well down to our south. and we don't expect to see anything from them at all, other than maybe just a few clouds. 63 degrees is where we got today. 43, the overnight low. average high is 61 and 40. we are above that for today. we'll top out right around there tomorrow. the difference will be that we'll have a little bit more wind. and it's coming in from the northwest. so it will be a bit chilly at
6:26 pm
times. and things settle down nicely. right now, we're looking at temperatures across the state. 50 down on the shore. actually, see the temperatures changing. cumberland at 58 degrees. 57 in elkton. and around the immediate areas, temperatures in the 50s across the entire state. 57 in annapolis. and 55 on kent island. 58 in rock hall this evening. we'll have a uniform shift in the wind. some of these directions are coming in from all over the place. you see a bit of a southwest wind, down toward patuxent river. northeast wind, down around d.c. we'll have more or less a uniform shift to the north and northwest. that will bring in cooler temperatures tonight. we'll have a freeze warning straight across the top of the state. out toward allegheny county. gar county will have a freeze watch from 3:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. sun will come up and we'll start to see a bit of a warmup and winds will kick up. these to the south. the high responsible for this
6:27 pm
as we've shown you is up to our north. it's in canada actually. it's going to allow for breezy conditions to stay with us through the day tomorrow. temperatures stay right on par for normal highs. as we get into tomorrow evening. temperatures level out. and conditions stay with us right on through the entire weekend. next real chance of rain does not come after sunday. all of your weekend plans really look to be pretty safe. small craft advisory in effect for tomorrow. 6:22. pretty much right now is our next high tide at fort mchenry. 46 degrees. mainly clear. north winds at 5 to 10 miles per hour. earlier in the day, a little breezier. calms down through the afternoon. as i was mentioning, you could wear your fashion orioles stuff. not necessarily your winter orioles stuff. >> okay. we'll see you tomorrow. >> thank you, tim. still to come tonight on wjz's eyewitness news.
6:28 pm
you're not going to believe me. and it's not a joke. but i have a snake on a plane. >> it's no movie. what happened when a pilot finds a snake on his small airplane. i'm alex demetrick. coming up. an out-of-this world honor for barbara mikulski. really? is that story as eyewitness news continues. in harbor east. shoppers are awaiting four big store openings this year. what's up and when? th,,,,,,,,
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it is 6:30. mostly sunny. 58 degrees. hello, everyone. thanks for staying with eyewitness news. here's some of the stories people are talking about tonight. new results in the jet blue pilot accused of having a meltdown on the flight. karen brown reports for wjz from dallas with the latest on the high-profile case. this is jet blue pilot,
6:32 pm
clayton osbun, just moments before his meltdown. pilottantolino recorded it on his cell phone, after he left the cockpit. >> i at least wanted to have something captured so, god forbid, the phone was found in a field somewhere, maybe there would have been some tip, should hint for someone to say, okay, what might have been going on here? >> reporter: the in-flight crisis erupted seconds later, osbun, reportedly running through the cabin, screaming about religion and terrorists. passengers tackled osbun. >> everybody knows what happened. the real question is what is going on in his mind? what's causing all of this to happen? >> those concerns have prompted both defense attorneys and prosecutors to question whether osbun is competent to stand trial. now, a judge has ordered the 49- year-old pilot to a medical facility for federal prisoners for tests to determine if, quote, osbun is presently suffering from a mental disease
6:33 pm
or defect, rendering him mentally incompetent. and if he is unable to understand the nature and consequences of the proceedings against him. >> this puts the fate of a criminal case into question. jet blue ceo says the airline is standing by the captain. >> we still have a case, supporting the captain's family as well, with whatever our needs might be. >> reporter: osbun's wife said her husband never intended any marm. in dallas, karen brown, wjz eyewitness news. >> osbun is expected back in court for his rescheduled court hearing monday. it is official. regular gas is now $4 a gallon here in maryland. and there is no indication that it will be coming down any time soon. mary is in the newsroom with the latest hard to swallow numbers. >> they are, denise. they are paying more than the national average, which is $3.94 a gallon. it is the usual suspects when it comes to why prices are so high.
6:34 pm
fears with iran and other instables in the middle east. also prices traditional low raise during the spring when more people going on vacation. at this time last month, we were paying an -- average of $3.71. this time a year ago, prices were $3.67 a gallon. and there is more bad news. experts can't seem to reach a consensus about how prices should go before leveling off. oil prices are still nearly $110 a barrel. more shopping downtown. four big-name retailers are slated to open this year, at harbor east, giving shoppers more retail in the city. >> did you need to see those in your size? >> reporter: both customers and employees at south moon under in harbor east, look forward to more retail stores in the area. >> it will make harbor east a more destination shopping area. and i think it will bring a lot more foot traffic into our store, which is great. >> reporter: this summer,
6:35 pm
anthropology, j. crew, mac cosmetics, and lulumemon are slated to open. at the bottom are four seasons, j. crew in the legg mason tower, mac at the corner. and lulu lemon at the harbor east round about. >> this is going to appeal to the residents who continue to move in. but not just the residents. employees and also tourists. >> reporter: fowler says downtown is the fastest-growing neighborhood in the city. >> reporter: last year alone, 11 retailers opened do you want, including h&m at the downtown harbor. >> reporter: according to the downtown harbor ship, less than 16% were last year. compared to the baltimore metro area at 6.6%. and significantly lower than the national average at 6.10%. as major retailers discover baltimore. >> i see a lot of potential here in harbor east. >> reporter: retail sales
6:36 pm
downtown total $928 million last year. and experts expect that number to only go up for 2012. reporting in harbor east, andrea fujii, wjz eyewitness news. >> several unnamed big restaurants, local boutiques and condominiums are also expected to open this summer at harbor east. time now for a quick look at some of the stories you'll find in the baltimore sun. the walters art museum is the beneficiary of gift from 21 artists. what is a team chaplain to do when opening day and good friday land on the same day? and the fans guide to orioles. for these and more, read the baltimore sun. and remember to look for the updated first warning forecast from the first warning weather team. when it looked like nasa was about to pull the plug on the hubble space telescope, it was barbara mikulski who helped save it alive. it's now brought mikulski an honor no one else has on
6:37 pm
capitol hill. >> reporter: it wasn't just any flesh being pressed. >> all of my favorite nobel prize winners. >> reporter: at the space science institute in baltimore, a standing room crowd honored senator barbara mikulski for her support of hubble, when nasa was poised to let the telescope go dark. they wanted to upgrade the telescope and keep 500 marylanders on the job. >> no better tribute we could make than to name this super nova in her honor. >> reporter: super nova mikulski 1 is a star that exploded 7 billion light-years away, and whose light was just captured by hubble this past winter. >> when i was growing up in east baltimore, of course i wanted to be a star. but i didn't know i'd grow up to be a super nova. [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> reporter: it wasn't the only honor bestowed. the institute also named its enormous collection of data after mikulski. not just from the hubble, but information collected by all
6:38 pm
space telescopes in orbit now and the future. available over the internet to researchers worldwide. >> i am deeply, deeply touched today. i'm thrilled and i'm honor said. >> reporter: if mikulski is grateful for the honors, the people who worked here are no less grateful saved the hubble and their jobs. >> without her, it wouldn't be here. >> and keep the window open for new discoveries. alex demetrick, wjz eyewitness news. >> the mountains of data still be to be analyzed. the science institute has been selected to work with hubble's replacement. any time you feel like you're bragging on yourself. you look at barbara mikulski. super nova. >> we already knew she was super. now she's super nova. out-of-control. a fight breaks out at an eantsz bullying rally. wait until you hear who is involved. sex abuse scandal. the case against former penn
6:39 pm
state coach, jerry sandusky. putzing the finishing touches on your first full weekend of the month. we'll have your complete forecast coming up in a moment. and you know it. baseball season is here. and the orioles will soon be back on the field at cam -- camden yards. here are some of your memories from the ballpark. for the complete slide show. go to ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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everyone grows with miracle-gro. former penn state assistant coach is back in court. during a hearing today, jerry sandusky's lawyer tried to get the charges against his client dropped over lack of evidence. but the judge postponed any decisions, citing the grand jury investigation. sandusky is accused of molesting 10 do boys, dating back to 1994. he remains under house arrest. a father and son are arrested after starting a brawl at an anti-bullying rally at an anti-texas high school. watch as this man, who police say is the father of one of the school's football players, punches a protest hor in the face. police show up, they break up the fight. no one was seriously hurt. both the father and son were arrested. but only the father was charged with assault and public intoxication. a pilot in australia is forced to deal with his own
6:43 pm
snakes on a plane ordeal. >> the call he made was, you're not going to believe me. and it's not a joke. but i have a snake on a plane. by the time we got there, the frog was gone. so i don't know if the snake had got it and taken it away somewhere to hide and eat it? >> somehow the snake came into the cockpit. the pilot was forced into an emergency landing. it crawled down his leg. a nonvenomous snake. >> okay. >> time to eat. >> note to self. never take a frog on the plane with you. just in case. scott pelley has a preview of what's coming up on the evening news. a disturbing new audio tape has surface the in the nfl bowbty scandal. we'll tell you what a former assistant coach is heard telling his team, tonight on the cbs evening news. >> thanks, scott, here's a look at tonight's closing numbers
6:44 pm
from wall street. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:46 pm
let's get the final update on the forecast with meteorologist tim williams. >> well, we do have a cold night tonight with a freeze warning in effect, from harford
6:47 pm
county, straight to allegheny. take in the tender plant if you have them outside and can still take them around. we'll go down to a daytime high tomorrow. low 60s. call it to 60, 62. just in time for a first pitch at 3:05. temperatures should be right around 62 degrees. 65 on saturday. 68, near 70 on sunday. look for a chance of rain, monday and tuesday, with temperatures down into the mid to low 60s. denise? >> 68, sunday. thank you, tim. a 1950s blues singer falls in love with a quirky, fast- talking dj. the tony award winning musical memphis is on the stage this week. and as gigi barnett explains, baltimoreans are calling it an oldie but a goody. >> reporter: the music of memphis is a sultry mix of blues, rock and roll and gospel, all wrapped around a love story set in the turbulent south of b street. and baltimore crowds are falling in love with the
6:48 pm
performance. >> every night, without fail, someone is disabding on -- standing on their feet, everyone is tanzing on their -- standing on their feet. >> reporter: she meets and falls for fast-talking r&bdj, huey calhoun, played by brian finkhart. but the couple's dreams are soon intercepted by violent racism. they say it's an issue that still needs attention today. >> it is a very necessary story to tell. it shows how far we've come. but also how much further we have to go. there's still people fighting for freedoms and quality in the world -- equality in the world. >> we've had a couple of scenes where felish and and felix kiss. and we've had a few people walk out. >> it's an original story with original music. that's catchy and sexy and upbeat and energetic. it has such a great message but
6:49 pm
is also incredibly entertaining. >> reporter: the original score of memphis was written by david brian. he's one of the founding band members of bon jovi. i'm gigi barnett, wjz eyewitness news. >> and memphis runs through the weekend at the hippodrome. and still to come tonight on eyewitness news. the orioles get in a workout. >> mark is live at the ballpark with the latest. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
well, here we go. for the first time this year, i say, mark is in camden yards with wjz the fan sports report. mark? >> first of many, denise. no doubt about it, it is a new year. and what is new about the team? well, they have a new general manager who has brought in a number of new players. 14 of the 25 orioles on the opening day roster, were not on the team one year ago. change is good. good if it changes the team's fortunes and they need it. the o's are on the field at camd end yards here. manager buck showalter tells me, changes in the pitching staff should improve the team. plus they've added more depth. they've had 14 straight losing seasons yet. all of the analysts are still predicting that the orioles will finish in last place. that only further motivates this team. >> i think we're all capable of
6:53 pm
winning. we're not just going to go in there and lay down because of what people say. a lot of people don't know what this team is about. because they've never seen some of these guys on this team. we just gotta go out there, do what we're doing. play as a team. and hopefully the result is a positive one. >> 162 games. that's 162 chances to prove the prognosticators wrong. game 1 tomorrow, against minnesota. see it here on wjz 13. pregame coverage coming at 2:00. opening day at chicago's wrigley field. today, comedian and cubs fan, bill murray, enttaining. cubs, though, found nothing funny about facing washington nationals pitching star, steven straus burg. he threw seven innings, struck out five. they scored late in the game. and beat the cubs,2-1 in the opening day. new home as free agent. this time, it's defensive
6:54 pm
tackle, brandon mckinney. he's going to the indianapolis colts, where he will join cory redding and tom zivikowski. others have gone to play for ravens coordinator chuck. but there is good news as the ravens hold on to cornerback lardarius web. he has agreed to a six-year contract to stay. webb has developed into a standout. has contract is worth a reported $50 million. $10 million guaranteed. there's more evidence that has emerged in the case against former new orleans saints defensive coordinator greg williams. he's already under suspigz for his role. an odd tape has him -- audio tape has him in a minuting specific 49ers players and how to injure them. williams is presently suspended from his new job with the st.
6:55 pm
louis rams. opening day at the masters golf tournament. the first majors of the year sees lou west. five golfers are three under. two under par. you'll find zach johnson, vijay singh, tiger woods. and charles schwartzle shot even par in the first round. more on the orioles tonight. we'll hear from opening day pitcher jake arrieta. we'll see you tomorrow. >> thank you, mark. be right back. ,,,,,,
6:56 pm
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don't miss the cbs primetime lineup at 10:00. it is the mentalist. that's it for us tonight. back at 11:00. i'm denise koch. >> for mark and for tim. >> pelley: tonight, n know why the nfl hit the saints so hard. a disturbing audio tape appears
6:59 pm
to show a coach directing hits designed to wound specific players. armen keteyian has the tape and the story. john blackstone with arizona's sheriff joe. the feds say he's violating the civil rights of hispanics. >> i'm not a social worker. i'm a cop. >> pelley: high drama as the pilot dies at the controls, leaving his wife to fly the plane. >> somebody better get here in a hurry. >> pelley: and on opening day, jim axelrod with the most amazing collection of baseball memories we've ever seen. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. the national football league, an americanti


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